• La Crosse WS-8115U-B Atomic Digital Wall Clock Indoor Outdoor Temperature

    La Crosse Technology Atomic Digital Wall Clock with Indoor/Outdoor Temp - Black, Model WS-8115U-B Features: Wireless outdoor temperature (F or C) Monitors indoor temperature (F or C) Atomic time and date with manual setting Automatically updates for Daylight Saving Time (on/off option) 12/24 hour time display Perpetual calendar Time zone setting Ti ...  More

  • NEW La Crosse Atomic Alarm Clock Weather Station Color Forecast Snooze # 654417

    La Crosse Technology Atomic Alarm Clock - 12 Hour Color Forecast - Snooze Alarm - Atomic Time, Date sets itself - In.outside temperature and humidity

  • La Crosse Atomic Projection Alarm Clock w/Indoor Outdoor Temperature remote link

    This atomic weather clock tells you the outside temperature when you wake in the morning, before you've even gotten out of bed! The atomic thermometer clock also displays the indoor temperature as well as hours, minutes and seconds on the large clear digital screen. The atomic alarm clock receives outdoor temperature information from a remote trans ...  More

  • La Crosse WS-8248-AL Atomic Clock Temperature Super-Huge Jumbo Display

    La Crosse WS-8248-AL Atomic Clock. Features an internal temperature sensor, capable of supporting a (not included, I don't have it) remote temperature sender on 433.92mhz. The sub display can indicate either seconds, or the remote temperature, without the sender, I have it on seconds. Also features a lunar display. Super-Huge Jumbo Display, 4 inche ...  More

  • La Crosse Technology XG-55 Digital Altimeter/Compass Watch

    La Crosse Technology XG-55 Digital Altimeter/Compass Watch Designed to be versatile enough to wear while hiking the trails or exporing a new city, the XG-55 has sophisticated electronic sensors to measure altitude, direction, barometric pressure, temperature and weather forecast. Digital altimeter and compass watch for outdoor and urban adventures ...  More

  • Equity by La Crosse Battery Operated Silent Travel Analog Alarm Clock (New-Prpl)

    The Equity Purple Analog Travel Alarm Clock with its vibrant color features: A beep alarm. A quiet second hand. Snooze button. Silicone rubber textured case. Assorted trend colors. wothmatchung dialsTouch activated back light. Metal hands Battery operated (Requires 1 "AA" battery-not included)

  • La Crosse Technology WT-8005U-S Atomic Digital Wall Clock w/ Indoor Temperature

  • La Crosse Technology WS-8157U-CH-IT Atomic Clock with Outdoor Temperature and We

  • La Crosse 616-146 Projection Alarm W/Color Display & Outdoor Temperature Reading

  • La Crosse K86319 Wireless Color Forecast Station New in Factory Sealed Package


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